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Learning to Speak Baby

AGM, Lisbon, April 2024

Whatever the challenge you’re working on - physical/emotional/spiritual - the root likely comes from a time much earlier in your life. Even a difficult situation that you're facing now as an adult is likely repetition or compounding of an earlier experience.  

Most models of human behaviour agree that the psyche is formed in infancy, and broadly complete by age 3 (although later layers, especially magical child and adolescence, also play a part). Simple physics also suggests that a given change of direction has a greater influence the earlier it occurs.  A child is more sensitive, more impressionable the younger he or she is. 

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In IA we also understand that the largest bricks in our model of who we are were laid down earliest.  So it follows that the things that most deeply affect you are things that a baby would understand.  That's why in healing it can be difficult to make much progress with approaches based in complex reasoning or verbal analysis.  A baby’s world is all about touch, movement, energy and the trick is to reach them as much as possible without the involvement of your conscious mind.


The adult body is full of these patterns laid down in infancy.  You can literally feel how someone grew their body.  It doesn’t take a great deal of training to start to see these patterns and, just as a psychologist might quickly observe childlike behaviour in the personality, with IA you can literally feel the baby, the child, the teenager stuck inside your physical structure.


So we work through the body because the child inside of you is missing something and communication with him/her is best done through touch/energy/movement - a child knows the truth of this (we all do).  It’s easy to say just about anything to a kid: “I love you”, "I’m glad you’re here” or whatever, but touch transmits truth - the body doesn’t lie. A child can feel the degree to which you are present, how you occupy your body or don't, the extent of congruence in the energy that you transmit with your words. 


So it's likely that much of your experience as an infant was let's say less than ideal.  It's no criticism of your caregivers (they had their own conditioning to deal with!) but you probably were not wholly welcomed or “understood”, many of your needs were not met.  So you disengaged from life, shut-off parts of yourself, hid others.  Difficulties now, with motivation or movement towards what you truly want for example, may not be so much because of your story but because you didn’t receive the accompaniment, the connection, the reception you desired as a tiny infant. 

Realising just how delicate a newborn is, just how sensitive the prenatal environment and just how poorly our society understands this, is the key to unwrapping healing. You don’t give enough credit to the child you were. If you can allow this realisation to take root inside of you, you have the key to self-forgiveness and therefore self-love. No adult has ever lived the intensity of trauma that we all experienced as children (even if they had, imagine how all the tools and experience of a lifetime would help in dealing with it). 


With IA we’re not really looking for a root cause, and definitely not to apportion blame, it's just that the closer to the beginning of life the greater the potential for healing. 


Some of the things that happened probably were just random but, cruel as it may seem, much of it was by design and was conditioning intended or required to lead you to your life’s purpose. So hang in there and get curious about learning to speak baby!  

1. Here trauma refers to a single event which was impactful enough to leave a mark, as opposed to repeated conditioning.

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