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Andrew Graham McKay

Integrated Awareness® Teacher

Integrated Awareness Studies:

  • Truly Sane Human®

  • Brain Mapping

  • Higher Dimensional Healing®

Andrew Graham McKay

Integrated Awareness® Teacher

Growing up in Scotland I had a strong connection with nature and the outdoors. Playing outside with friends, with bikes, ball sports, and later mountaineering and rock climbing, was what most interested me.

I studied at Edinburgh University and worked in London for a number of years as a civil servant. I subsequently set up a property business and in 2006, relocated to Spain.  

At thirty years of age, I found that my life had become quite compromised. I’d had a chronic low back problem since I was a teenager and was experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress, especially being around other people.

For the back-pain, I'd tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, various types of chiropractic and massage and had found little lasting change.  I was regularly taking painkillers and an orthopaedic surgeon had recommended surgery.

Around that time I had the good fortune to meet an IA graduate who happened to be visiting Europe from the US and was inspired to travel to California to experience the work of founder Lansing Gresham.  Lansing's approach to healing so helped and inspired me that I decided to join the apprentice programme with him at the IA centre in Sonoma County.  

Studying and practising IA over the last 15 years has changed my life in ways that I would never have imagined.  The healing and growth which I have experienced in myself and witnessed in others has left me profoundly grateful.  


It's a privilege for me to be the first Integrated Awareness Teacher in Europe and to be assisting others in their self-exploration and growth.


I am now based in Lisbon. Please contact me for further information about sessions and intensives here.  

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