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The Practice

An IA session begins by clarifying your intention or wish. You may be facing physical or emotional challenges or seeking help with another aspect of your life, such as family or relationship problems. 

With your interest in the work clarified, I will assess how energy is flowing in your body and where there are blockages in the physical structure.


Guided by your intention, I will use touch and movement skills to locate subtle restrictions and offer new possibilities in how your body, emotions and mind relate to each other. Via a deep listening to the body we will stimulate your natural capacity for healing and growth and you may discover something new about how you create and interpret your experience of life.

The process is designed to produce a deeper understanding of your situation and allow for changes at physical, emotional and mental levels that were difficult or even impossible before.

What can it help with?
Andrew McKay healing practise

People come to my practice for a variety of reasons: out of curiosity, specific health issues, because of  anxiety, low self esteem, relationship or family problems or to find more direction in life.

Whatever your motivation, be you in great health and interested in self-discovery or carrying a particular injury or illness and a desire for healing, all that's required is curiosity about your situation, willingness to listen to your body.

What results does it achieve?

Many results have been reported back to me including:

  • Physical improvements with injuries, illnesses and allergies

  • more understanding and contentment

  • more positivity and enjoyment

  • greater ease with loved ones

  • greater success in work and professional life

  • overcoming of addictions and vices 

  • reduction of dependency on medication and painkillers

  • greater ease of concentration

  • greater clarity

  • less anxiety

  • more energy and desire for life

Read more about others' experiences here.

I also offer the possibility of a healing intensive -  a series of sessions over several days - for those travelling from a distance. Please contact me for further details.

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