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Personal Experiences

Below is feedback received from people who have come to the practice.

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Begoña Sanchez Garcia

You have given me a lot of confidence in myself. You are showing me a new way of life. And I’ve learned that it is possible to handle the physical pain caused by our emotions. I didn’t know how to cope with it.  Thank you...

Rita Greische

In 20 years as a bodyworker I've never felt something like this... it's so beautiful, so complete.  The change I've noticed is that in some way what I knew mentally is now integrated.  I feel more connected... I trust more... I know that everything is going to be OK. It really resonates with me and I'm keen to learn more. 

Ron Page

I went to see Andrew with 2 separate problems. I had very painful sciatica on one occasion and a painful elbow and shoulder on another.   During the sessions I noticed a lot of different sensations.  There was a feeling of balancing happening in my legs and a sense of lengthening in my neck.  It was gentle and non-invasive.

I was nervous beforehand and I felt totally relaxed after the sessions.  I was very relaxed but still able to do things, or fall asleep if I wanted.  I can´t explain how it works, it feels weird but it´s a nice feeling, it somehow feels normal and yet euphoric as well.


The pain has come down a lot and it’s given me a sense of purpose, I’ve started exercising and I also noticed that things tasted better afterwards.

Agathe Saubot

I discovered Integrated Awareness 2 years ago and it amazes me how it has changed my approach to many aspects of my life.


From the sessions, I've realised that my body is a messenger that speaks from my deepest self.  The results are like little lights turning on in my life.  I love it because I feel that Integrated Awareness  is not directed by my mind but from my soul and my body.  Thanks to Andrew I feel stronger, more authentic and more free. 

Fany Garcia

Since Andrew has been working with me, I’ve noticed a lot of changes and it’s been really surprising for me, it’s more than what I expected and you feel the changes quickly.


For one thing, I have more energy, as lately I’ve been very tired all the time and this change means that I now have more desire to do things and that I feel more positive. In general, I was quite down and didn’t feel like going out or seeing people and this has changed. 


I also feel more serene and I don’t have the mood swings which I was having before.  Being more positive is helping me deal with any problems more calmly, without becoming so overwhelmed and I’m trying to resolve them in a sensible way without putting pressure on myself.


For another thing, the pain that I tend to have during menstruation is now very slight, I simply have the normal discomforts, but not the extremely strong pains which I had due to my endometriosis and the headaches which I had every week have disappeared.


So I can say that finding physical improvements is also helping me find improvements in other aspects of my life. Now that I feel more optimistic about doing things and I have the strength to be able to do them.

Ana Guirao Buendia

What to say about your sesisons?  They're amazing!  I'm starting to live again, excitment is coming back to me, I'm in touch in a new way with life and my reality. It's helping me fix a lot of nonsense that time was weaving. Now I don't feel totally alone in the face of my fears, ghosts and traumas.


For me, each sesion is a big event where I find pieces of myself and my little universe. 

Fina López Martín

When I arrived at your practice the first time I was completely blocked, totally despondent...I left feeling receptive...I started to feel less passive, more energetic. The following day at work my colleagues said I was looking better - that's weird because we're so busy we hardly notice each other. I don't know exactly how to explain it, I'm different, I'm feeling less down, less tired than before, more calm but not passive. The sensation is that the body is in command.  I feel confident that I'm getting better. Thank you again.

Noelia Martinez

I've felt more relaxed in my body (especially since the second session) and in my life it's had a very positive effect.  I feel an inner peace and harmony that helps me day-to-day deal more serenely than I ever have with any problems or conflicts that arise.  This peace also helps me feel more connected with myslef and with the external world. 

If you've experienced an intensive or session and would like give your feedback please send it to me via the contact form or by email to: 

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